Braving the Cold: Coat Project #1

True to my word, I have completed my first winter coat project! The pattern I chose was Simplicity 1254 by Leanne Marshall. I purchased this pattern on a summer trip to the United States because our fabric stores in Newfoundland usually don’t stock Simplicity patterns.  This pattern is described as an easy lined coat and it suggested medium to heavy weight fabrics for the construction. It also comes in two lengths – a jacket and a coat length.

I had the fabric for this coat long before I found the pattern. Sometimes the fabric picks the pattern and some times it seems to be the other way around. During the Spring, I travelled to London and spent a day shopping on Goldhawk Road. Let’s just say, I was in paradise. I had never been to Goldhawk Road before and now understand why it is a mecca for sewists. Of the many stores I shopped in, I spent most of my time and money at Misan. It was there that I fell in love with the most beautiful wool fabric. Its print was like nothing I had seen before and the details of the selvedge was breath-taking! A picture just doesn’t do it justice.


When I found this Simplicity pattern, I knew that the fabric was meant for this coat. The structure of the coat is simple enough to show off the fabric. The only addition I made was using a soft black wool for the collar because I thought the main fabric might not have been soft enough around my neck and face.


What do you think about that amazing collar! It certainly adds drama to the coat.

I couldn’t be any more pleased with how this coat turned out. And I love that my mom knit me the beautiful hat and mittens to match!! Win, win.

Now off to work on my next coat.

Live Kind,


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