Happy New Year!

Happy 2018 Everyone!

Welcome to a new year of sewing. I have spent most of January looking back at 2017 and evaluating what goals I would like to accomplish in 2018. I realize that it is February but it takes me awhile to really settle on these things. Although 2017 was busy, there were things that I feel I would like to improve upon. This may be a little challenging because on top of my full-time job I decided to go back to school again after 17 years being out of the university world. Already I can tell that my time is going to be very limited and I will need to be focused on the things I want to get accomplished. So here are my goals for 2018:

Big Plan #1:

For some time now I have been really loving Pattern making and designing new garments. I would love this year to try creating my own design to sell. I already have a good collection of slopers for each garment size, so know I have to settle on the design, craft the pattern, and mock up samples. Although we had spent the first couple of years teaching sewing classes, this is something that really excites me and I am anxious to see if this is a direction that will be good for the business, as well as personally.

Big Plan #2:

I am determined to spend time doing more personal sewing projects. I think that through my makes, and blogging about the final product, others may be inspired to keep learning and sew themselves. I have a running list of projects that I need and would like to sew.

Big Plan #3:

That brings me to blogging. This year, I would like to increase the frequency of our blog posts. This will be a bigger challenge for me, because I find it harder to make the time to post. It will be necessary, though, if I am to achieve my goals of inspiring others. I am going to aim to post biweekly about my sewing projects and techniques that have helped me become a better sewist.

Big Plan #4:

The last goal is to start a YouTube channel. This is definitely my biggest goal. Currently it is in the research stage, but I hope it is something I can accomplish before 2018 comes to a close!

So here we go! I hope you can follow along with us on our creative journey.

Live Kind,


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