Dress Obsessed

Confession – I have a dress obsession. I love that a dress is a complete outfit. Pull it on, accessorize, put on some killer shoes, and you are all set to go. My day job requires a business casual dress code and a dress is often my go-to outfit. I have been on a mission since spring to find a dress that can accommodate fluctuating sizes and still look flattering. It also needs to be comfortable, look great with tights/leggings, and pair well with boots. This is Newfoundland after all and we usually live in a perpetual cold front.

One such fabulous dress is the Ebony Tee/Dress by Closet Case Patterns. This beauty is a swing dress sensation. It is designed for a knit with a choice of neckline, sleeve, and length. This can be made as a dress, tunic, or tee. Super versatile!


In my hometown, we have very little choice for fabric, so I have become a regular at our local Fabricville. During one of my daily trips, I was drawn to this gorgeous printed knit. It’s amazing the pull a beautiful fabric can have. It breaks down all logical reasoning and suddenly it doesn’t matter that you already have an overflowing fabric stash, or that you don’t have a pattern in mind, or that it is full price. You MUST have it RIGHT NOW. So obviously, I had to comply.

Then along came Ebony and I knew this would be the perfect partner for my knit. I had to grade the pattern between four sizes, but this is a process I am used to in order to accommodate my aforementioned fluctuation in dress sizes. In hindsight, I probably could have gone two sizes smaller in the hip due to the generous drape of the dress. So, when I make it again (and I definitely will) I will adjust the pattern accordingly.


The pattern was super easy from the beginning to the end. I serged all the seams and the dress was sewn in a couple of hours. This is the first pattern I have completed by Closet Case Patterns but certainly won’t be my last. I have my eye on the Clare Coat for a fall make. Stay tuned for that!

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