McCall’s 7053


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have all had a great Easter and a chance to relax and care for yourselves. For me, today has been such a lovely start to a new week. I have spent my day at a counsellor professional development day with great friends and, as you can see from the pictures, an abundance of sunshine. It’s the first official day back to work for me after an extended sick leave and it is nice to get dressed in work attire and be with my collegues.

During my time off sick, I have done very little besides rest and sew. So with being back to work the sewing may slow down a little. One of the projects I completed over the last couple of weeks  was a McCall’s pattern – M7053. I love vintage clothes and often feel like I was born in the wrong era. This pattern is from the Archive Collection and is circa 1933.


I chose view A and made it in an orange silk. The pattern was very easy to construct and the directions were not complicated to follow.  In view A, the upper front extends into single-layer tie ends, much like the appearance of a scarf.


I also love the lower sleeve. The upper sleeve is constructed as a part of the body of the blouse with the lower sleeve attached to create a ballooning effect.  It is very flattering.


Like I mentioned in a previous post, I also continue to work on my daughter, Bethany’s prom dress. Only three more weeks to prom and the dress is still a work in progress. I should be a little anxious but instead I am just excited that it is coming together and that I am completing it myself.  I can’t wait to show to you in the upcoming weeks!

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