Adventures in Pant-Making: Part 2

Is there anything more frustrating than shopping for pants? Even those of us with healthy self-esteems usually end up sulking out of the store after trying on multiple pairs and feel totally defeated. I have always felt that ready-to-wear pants were not made for my curvy figure. By the time I got them to fit nicely over my hips and butt, they are swimming off my waist. And then there is the rise issue – it’s either super low rise or super high rise! So my solution…wear dresses as much as possible. The only problem is that I live in Newfoundland and our winters can be very cold and extremely windy, certainly not the best weather for dresses.

Lucky for me, I came across the Thurlow Pant by Sewaholic Patterns. A trouser pattern created for the curvy woman. I love the look of trousers, with a zip fly, slant front pockets, double welt back pockets, and a waistband. I was sold on this pattern from the beginning.


Well after my first attempt and ‘learning experience’, I started the pattern again. This time I chose a more appropriate size for my measurements and started making my first muslin.


The result was actually pretty good. I had to adjust the waist in a little at the centre back, but the back waist band allowed for this adjustment no problem. I took a little fabric out in the upper legs and added some around my hips and butt. Next time, I will also add 1/8 inch to the front crotch for a little more room. Overall, the pattern is mid-rise and fitted through the hips and thighs. At the knee the pattern widens, although not as much as a flare pant would.


I used a brown wool blend that I got on sale at my local Fabricville. It sewed so beautifully with limited fraying. I really like the look and feel of wool, especially for a trouser. Very classy. For the pockets and facings, I used a pretty cotton blend, again from Fabricville. This was very easy to work with, so much easier than a polyester lining. I also love the beautiful surprise you get when you look on the inside of the pants.


This was my first time making double pocket welts, but they actually turned out very nice and weren’t that difficult to make. It also helped that Jennifer had already done this on her pants so I could learn from her:)


All in all I love my new pants. I wasn’t pleased with the visibility of the pocket bags on the front thigh, so I actually cut them out. I usually do not use pockets much in my pants anyways and it looks much sleeker without the bulk. Next time I will leave the pocket bag out all together.


I took my time and enclosed the seams, and added a few extra touches to practice some of the finer techniques I have been learning.


I love this pattern and will definitely be making others. I see black and grey versions in my near future.


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