Make Clothes Matter

I believe that we are distanced from our clothing. When was the last time you put a huge amount of thought into the t-shirt or jeans you bought? I know for myself, it was hardly ever.

It’s a weird situation though, because even though we are distanced mentally and emotionally from our clothes, we are also clothing-crazed.

Think about it. We buy all the time, and we buy without thought.

Yet, I think that clothing should be more important than that. It is a part of our everyday, and whether we like it or not, it is an expression of who we are, both individually and as a society.

Through this business, our dream is to reconnect you to your clothing, and sewing is an amazing way to do that. Not only do you learn the process of creating a garment, you also give that garment meaning because YOU made it. It’s crazy how amazing that feels, and we want to help you get to that feeling.

We want to help you make your clothes matter.


P.S. Here is a sneak peak at the project from my next blog post!



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