And Sew It Begins…

10922740_10205122615881611_6114127887697627337_nMy name is Kelly.  I am a wife and a mother to four beautiful girlies, ranging in age from 12 right through to 19.  Jennifer (blog co-creator/contributor/partner in sewing crime) is my oldest daughter. I work full-time as a counsellor and spend my evenings trying to find time to sew between children’s activities and the duties of running a household.

I love to sew and equally I love clothes.  I have been a lover of both for some time now.  My mother taught me to sew when I was in my early teens.  Despite lacking great knowledge and obvious skill, I loved making clothes for myself.  There is something empowering about telling people, “Oh this thing…I made that myself.”  My parents gave me my first sewing machine when I was first married.  It is one of the best gifts I have ever received.  I decided during that year to take some “official” sewing lessons.  I completed beginner and intermediate sewing courses from a lovely lady at our local high school.  Again I learned so much.  But life has a way of getting away from you (raising 4 children, working full-time, and pursuing a graduate level education) and sometimes the things that create additional happiness in your life get put on hold.  So despite having some sewing experience under my belt, my machine was only used to hem pants, make curtains, and sew the occasional Halloween costume.

Now to present 🙂  Two years ago, Jennifer wanted to learn how to sew, so the machine was dusted off.  In the process of teaching her, my soul came alive again.  I began to realize that when I am engrossed in the process I find my personal sweet spot.  Time flies, problems seem smaller, and my creativity is on fire.  I know that sounds corny at best but it is true for me.  Jennifer has been a quick learner and has made me want to be a better teacher and to learn more myself.  So I have delved into the world of more advanced sewing, reading what I can about couture techniques and pattern making.  No doubt some of those topics will show up in blog posts 🙂

Jennifer also opened my eyes to the world of fast-fashion.  Never did I even consider that my love of clothes was having such a negative impact on our world and people that I didn’t even know.  I was totally unaware that my “bargain find” of a t-shirt or dress for a ridiculously low cost was really only great on my pocketbook (again future blog posts). Armed now with that knowledge, I HAVE to be a better consumer.  I am certainly not there yet, but I am making the journey to everything that slow-fashion celebrates.  So, after all that, this blog will reflect that journey, as well as the joys and failures that come with sewing garments for myself and those I love.


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