Adventures in Pant-Making: Part 1

What is failure? I guess we all know what failure is and have experienced it firsthand. It’s making a mistake. Taking a risk and not succeeding. Despite its regular occurrence, few of us are truly comfortable with failure. That’s what keeps us at status quo and unable to go after our dreams. We often own failure as who we are (“I’m such a failure”), instead of recognizing that failure is something that happens to us. The truth is that failure comes, especially for those who reach out of their comfort zones.

So that is the philosophical, and here is the practical:

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Attempting to make myself the beautiful Thurlow Trouser from Sewaholic and somehow making it three sizes too small for me. Now you ask, “what were you thinking?” To which I have no good explanation. Maybe I left my senses, was deprived of coffee and oxygen, or was spending too much time in my magical place of sunshine and fairies. Needless to say, my hip size is NOT 38 inches! I have never been more thankful that I didn’t cut into my fashion fabric first.


Failure…well, all failures are opportunities to learn, and learn I did. Measure and measure again before ever cutting. A rule of thumb for carpentry and obviously for making clothing. So where are the positives? I made one sweet muslin (mockup)! Jennifer was particularly happy with my failure because it was a beautiful fit on her with only a minor adjustment. And the final positive, I got to practice my fitting techniques and pattern adjustments. All in all I guess not bad, except now I’m still pantless and back to taping together many pages of PDF pattern pieces in order to redo the Thurlow Trouser.

The journey towards my perfect pair of pants continues. Embrace failure because it is often an indicator that you are truly living.


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