Braving the Cold: Part 2

So I finally finished coat number 2. For this coat, I used a Vogue pattern – 9157.

I actually really like the structure of this coat and the lovely details that it has. The pattern has the custom fit system for various cup sizes to help adjust the pattern, which is super helpful. I chose a navy wool fabric with a leopard print lining. The fabric is very nice BUT…

I’m not loving it! When I started this coat, the overall measurements were looking good. Since then I have lost 10 pounds and the coat is now too big (insert sad face here). I certainly don’t mind the losing weight part, but the coat needs some major adjustments.

First, the bust size is too big. I should have chosen an adjustment for cup size B, instead of C. Also the shoulders are too oversized currently. The shoulder pads are way too overpowering. I also think that I should have chosen flat buttons, instead of the shank style buttons. They have a tendency to droop down and then look uneven.

So now I need to decide if I’m going to rip the coat apart and do some major adjustments or gift it to someone else. I think for now I will put it to one side and work on my next coat project. Maybe this coat will be ready for next winter.

Live Kind,


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