Hello Fall!

It’s been an interesting year for me so far. I experienced my first full-blown sewing burnout. I think the unrelenting, soul-sucking Newfoundland winter combined with a lack of selfish sewing produced in me the need to lie in the fetal position under a cozy blanket ALL THE TIME. Slowly though, I dragged myself back in my studio and allowed it to speak life back into me. In a move of complete self-love, I decided that I would only sew for myself for a while and pray that it would bring back my sewing mojo…and it worked. Isn’t that the beauty of creativity!


IMG_6425 2

As the winter gave way to longer days and more sunshine, my vitamin D deprived brain began to experience more sewing inspiration. This Spring and Summer have led to a flurry of makes for myself, and there are tons of blog posts to follow.

So, fall here we come, with new classes, projects, makes, and some exciting new additions at The Gathering Studio!

Stay tuned,

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