When the Aires pattern was posted by the team at Seamwork, I had two initial thoughts:

  1. Where can I get me some cat-covered spandex?!
  2. These would make a great birthday gift for my sister.

Unfortunately, our local Fabricville doesn’t carry any feline activewear fabric, so I decided to opt for a more conservative, but definitely more versatile, black.



This was my first time working with spandex, and I can’t say it was too different from other knits that I’ve worked with. It’s a little slipperier and shinier, but the basics of sewing knits still applied.



The pattern was easy to follow, and I was able to finish the pants in a day (including fabric prep and cutting).

I think my favourite part about the pattern is the contrast panel. I was able to find some super cheap blue power mesh, and it looks really cool against the simple black.

I would call this a handmade gift win!




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