TBT {60s-Inspired Floral Blouse}


On account of the snow being gone, and spring being more or less upon us (we did have a frost warning this week), I thought this would be a good time to make a spring-inspired garment. What says spring-inspired more than a floral blouse? Nothing, that’s what.


I made the Mimi Blouse by Tilly and the Buttons. As I mentioned in my post about my Coco dress, I LOVE this blogger, and her patterns are always very cute. This particular pattern is found in her new book called Love at First Stitch. Side note: For anyone who is thinking about starting to sew, this is the book for you!

I love the sleeve detail in this pattern

The fantastic floral fabric (alliteration!) that I used is from a company called Cotton and Steel. Their fabrics are well made and well designed. Even the selvedge was lovely, so I cut it off to use on the inside of my blouse. As my title suggests, the fabric has a 60s flair which I think is super fun! I also decided to use buttons that went with the vintage theme.

IMG_4334 (1)

I had some minor setbacks with a glitchy buttonholer that had a mind of its own (it decided to make every buttonhole a different length – not cool). Other than that, it was pretty smooth sailing!

’Til next time, Happy Spring!




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